Julie Nelligan PhD | Work With Me
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Work With Me

Coaching: Virtually or In-Person

Individualized one-on-one coachingĀ that will help you:

Consistently identify the ONE THING slowing your progress

Create a vision for your future so compelling you are UNSTOPPABLE

Get other people onboard helping you achieve your goals, or out of the way

BE more CONSISTENTLY EFFECTIVE by managing your energy and emotional states

Create SATISFYING and EASY RELATIONSHIPS with employees, friends, and family

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$3,000 Initial 20-session package

Neurofeedback is technology for improving balance, emotional resiliency, focus, stress, and sleep. In addition to addressing attention problems, low mood, and anxiety, the most consistent improvement my clients see is no longer feeling at the mercy of their emotional reactions. Imagine your emotions no longer being in charge of how you respond to situations.

Find out more about neurofeedback here

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