Julie Nelligan PhD | The Steps to Success
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The Steps to Success

The Steps to Success

Ever wonder how successful people get successful?  It isn’t talent, it’s persistence.  It is focusing on what you want.  The details of each success story are unique but the framework is the same.

  1.  Know your outcome
  2.  Make decisions and take action
  3.  Know whether your actions are getting you the results you want
  4.  If you aren’t getting the results you want, change the actions until you get your results

If what you want is within the realm of possibility, then you can achieve it.  It isn’t a matter of whether you have enough time, energy, money, connections, or know how…it’s a matter of being persistent, going for what you want, and being flexible with what you are willing to try.

Watch Randy Pausch’s video on the Last Lecture or read his book.  See what you can achieve.

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