Julie Nelligan PhD | Recommendations
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Emily Williams

Owner of Twisted Yarn Shop

“As a frazzled small business owner, I struggle with stress, sleep, and severe headaches. Comes with the job. But, wow, at some point those headaches were getting worse and more frequent. Something had to change. But I didn’t want to dive into prescription medications, and health-ify-ing my lifestyle (diet, exercise) was helping but not enough. So I visited Julie, skeptically I’ll admit, to try a few months of neuro-feedback sessions and coaching.

Julie’s focus on and expertise with small business owners was invaluable. She already understood the pressures I was under, my crazy schedule, and related symptoms I was having that it hadn’t even occurred to me to mention. It was an immediately reassuring – and a time saver!

By the end of the treatment I hadn’t had a bad headache in something like 3 months – unprecedented for me. I was also having fewer nightmares and generally sleeping more soundly. As a data-driven, proof-is-in-the-pudding sort of person… that’s pretty impressive. I’d definitely encourage people with symptoms similar to mine to consider visiting Julie.”

John Mekrut

“I wholeheartedly recommend Julie Nelligan if you’re looking to get your priorities straight and your life on track. Her insights and plain speaking will help you quickly clear out the underbrush of confusion and obstacles, let you see the landscape of your life’s purpose and how best to traverse it to achieve your goals. She is attentive, focused, a true active listener. Her background as a psychotherapist allows her insights not found in your typical “life coach”. But it’s not all serious and dry, you’ll laugh a lot, her charm and wit help make the work of self-examination and goal setting so much easier.”

Stuart Silberman, Psy.D.

“I highly recommend her. Julie understands how people work, from the brain to emotion and behavior, in isolation and in relationships. Her advice is practical, grounded and doable. With over a decade advising people from all walks of life, she has a depth of knowledge that is hard to find in your typical advisor or life coach. She is also excellent at targeting and breaking down a person’s unconscious barriers hindering people from obtaining their goals.”