Julie Nelligan PhD | About Me
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Julie Nelligan PhD

I graduated from Ohio State University with a doctorate in clinical psychology and opened my private practice in 2005. Since then I have helped hundreds of people with stress, mood, and life transitions. I specialize in working with entrepreneurs and creatives to improve effectiveness, productivity, focus, and relationships.  When I’m not meeting with clients, I am usually out exploring Portland with my two dogs.

Who I Help

Entrepreneurs and creatives who feel overworked and could use help growing their businesses and balancing their lives.

How I Help

If you work with me we will start with establishing what you want different in your life and the obstacles to achieving your goals. We will talk about priorities and values, health and stress, balance and focus. Many people benefit from brain training, so we will explore that, too.

Why I Do This Work

I’m passionate about helping others make the most of their lives and get the rewards they want and deserve. I’ve worked in business and government, been through graduate school and started my own business, and helped many business owners and executives. I’ve seen and experienced how rewarding and taxing being in business is on families, social lives, and one’s own health and happiness.