A New Venture

A New Venture

Do Anything Life will throw you curveballs. Life threw me a curveball. I wasn’t able to dodge it.

It hit me in the head.

My response? Knuckle down, work harder, act as if everything is going to be fine. Nothing was fine. I was stunned.

That was a year ago. I’m better. Mostly.

Strangely, the work that got me through a hard time is not the work that is going to sustain me through the next chapter in my life.

For ten years, I have run a private psychotherapy practice. I have many clients who have benefited from their work with me, and I have felt like I was making a difference.

But something is not quite right. I still like working with my clients, and they are still progressing, but I’m getting fidgety. I need to do more than this. I need to get beyond the walls of my office, out of the chair, and onto a new venture.

I decided to connect with others on social media and find a niche for delivering quality content online. Easy, right? Wrong!

The process of learning how to be on social media and create content from what I already know is more of a learn-as-you-go venture. I’m feeling a little out of my element. Scared, even.

So, give myself some accountability, I’m going to document my ventures here–all of the failures and the successes. I expect to learn new things, find new friends, and, just maybe, I’ll be of service to someone along the way.


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