Living on Autopilot

Living on Autopilot

So…what is it about putting some effort or thought into behavior that makes it feel “unnatural?”  I’ve noticed that when a behavior feels natural it just happens–it’s the first thing we come up with or what we do automatically.

It’s living on autopilot.

Not such a bad thing if what you are doing is good for you and others, but what if it isn’t?

What if what we are doing is smoking cigarettes, drinking too much alcohol, eating too much food, or sitting on our toushies watching too much television? What if it is gambling or shopping our money away or being angry at our family or neglecting important things in our lives?

That’s when being on autopilot is hurting you and others important to you.

Let’s live intentionally.  If you do something enough times, it becomes what you do.  That means if you change your behavior and keep the change up for a while, then it gets easier and more “natural.”

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