The Power of Negative Thinking

The Power of Negative Thinking

Here is a link to an article that got me thinking. I love ideas that get me thinking. They are unique or different enough that I don’t feel a need to defend against them. Often they shift my view just a little.

Here is the link: The Power of Negative Thinking

The idea is that the power of positive thinking isn’t “all it’s cracked up to be.” As Ms. Ehrenreich (the author of the article) writes,

… the idea is to firmly believe that you will get what you want, not only because it will make you feel better to do so, but because ‘visualizing’ something–ardently and with concentration–actually makes it happen. You will be able to pay that adjustable-rate mortgage or, at the other end of the transation, turn thousands of bad mortgages into giga-profits if only you believe that you can.

But she isn’t promoting positive thinking. She is pointing out that putting blinders on, whether being too positive or too negative has its downside. Towards the end of the article she notes that “consistent pessimism can be just as baseless and deluded as its opposite.”

She has a point. When we are driving, we don’t just focus on our goal, ignoring the twists, turns, and obstacles on the way. Instead, we have a plan for how to get where we want to go and we keep our eyes open for dangers on the road ahead. Our goal is to arrive safely and on time.

Let’s get real. Don’t focus on your faults or the problems, and don’t ignore them either. Acknowledge the problems, do what is necessary to compensate, and go for your goal.

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