Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

Starting a blog seems like such a big deal in my profession.  I’m a psychologist.  As a rule psychologists are very private and become quite alarmed when issues of privacy are present.  The whole idea of online anything is enough to make any psychologist catch his or her breath.

But, here I am anyway.  I’ve taken a deep breath and I’m plunging into the blog-o-sphere.  The reason I’m here is to share what I tell patients with the rest of the world.  We (my patients and I) have some great conversations about how things work for them and for others.  Over the years I’ve been doing therapy, I’ve found myself repeating many of the same things again and again.  I figured if the people who come see me benefit from hearing my observations, then maybe others would too.

My patients are people between 20 and 60 years of age who want to make their lives better.

Many of them have health problems, as I specialize in helping people learn about and cope with physical health problems in addition to depression and anxiety.  I have a particular passion for weight loss, so expect to see many discussions in the future about weight, diet, exercise, weight loss, and food.  However, I also work with heart disease, liver disease, and autoimmune diseases of all kinds.  And then there are those patients who are suffering from chronic pain.  I’ve worked on and off in a chronic pain clinic since 2003. So, I have many things to say about chronic pain, how it affects a person’s life, and how to cope.

One of my goals in creating posts is to make them fairly short.  But I imagine over time that I will find myself writing longer posts as I combine ideas from various posts into a larger theme.  Thanks for reading.  I hope you enjoy my blog.

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